Vigil Lens is a video surveillance platform targeted for home and small businesses. Powered by the latest artificial intelligence technologies in computer vision and deep learning, Vigil Lens drastically improves the motion detection and tracking performance of video surveillance software.

Deep learning based motion detection for person, pets and automobiles


Accurate motion detection and tracking. Highly reduce false alarms on motion tracking

AI based face recognition



Supports face detection workflows for sentry based applications

Multi platform support


Developed with a cross platform architecture backbone. Application runs on Windows, Mac and Linux, Android and iOS. Supports cloud based infrastructures

Effective video recordings and accurate alerts

With accurate AI based motion detection, eliminate video recordings that have no relevance

Simplified counting workflows


Using machine learning based object detection lends itself for effective people counting, vehicle counting, entry prevention etc

Automotive workflows

supporting license plate recognition, car parking violations, direction recognition and much more